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       Key [ = | : ] Value


       The  html2textrc(5) file defines a set of formatting prop­
       erties used by the html2text(1)  utility,  that  overrides
       the  program's built-in formatting defaults.  Each line of
       the html2textrc(5) file is either a formatting property or
       a comment.

       Lines  with a leading "#" or "!" (i.e. the first non-space
       character is a "#" or a "!")  and blank lines (i.e. a line
       consisting only of white-space characters), are considered
       comments and ignored.  Everything else is literary  inter­
       preted  by  the  parser  as a formatting property, where a
       string-type property  value  may  also  be  empty  (unsets
       default  value).   Both, the property key and the property
       value, may contain C-style escape sequences to  mask  meta

       A property definition line consists of:

       (1)    Optional leading space,

       (2)    the  property  key (a sequence of non-space charac­
              ters except "=" and ":") as described below,

       (3)    an optional space,

       (4)    an optional "=" or ":",

       (5)    optional space,

       (6)    the property value as described below.
              Everything up to the next  newline  is  interpreted
              literary  as  the  value  of the specified element.
              Literary meant leading white-space must  be  quoted
              with  backslashes  (i.e.  "\  ").  Be  aware not to
              include unwanted trailing white-space characters.


       The following is the list of valid formatting  properties,
       together  with their default values. If the -style command
       line option of html2text(1)  is  used,  different  default
       values apply.

       Curly  braces  indicate  alternatives, e.g.  {A B}C stands
       for AC or BC.

       DOCUMENT.{vspace.{before after} indent.{left right}} = 0
              Specifies how many blank lines are inserted  before
              and  after, and how many blank columns are inserted

       {OL UL DIR MENU}.indents = 6
              Specifies by how deep list items are  indented.  If
              an item bullet would not fit into the space created
              by the indentation, then the indentation  is  auto­
              matically  increased  such  that the bullet fits in
              (relevant for relatively wide bullets,  e.g.  roman
              numbers).   If N blank-separated integers are spec­
              ified instead of one, then the first  N-1  integers
              specify  indentation for the first N-1 list nesting
              levels, while the last integer specifies the inden­
              tation for nesting levels N and higher.  (Numeric.)

       {UL DIR}.default_types = DISC CIRCLE SQUARE
              Specifies the default list type  (i.e.  the  bullet
              style),  if  the  HTML list tag does not specify an
              explicit type. Legal values  are  NO_BULLET,  DISC,
              SQUARE,  CIRCLE,  CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2 and CUSTOM3.  If
              more than one value is specified, then  the  values
              apply  for  the respective list nesting levels (see
              indents).  (Option.)

       MENU.default_types = NO_BULLET
              Same for <MENU>, but here the default is NO_BULLET.

       LI.{disc  square  circle custom1 custom2 custom3}_bullet =
       {* # o + - ~}
              Specifies  the  strings  used as list item bullets.

       {DT DD}.{vspace.{before after} indent.{left right}} = 0
              Specifies how many blank lines are inserted  before
              and  after, and how many blank columns are inserted
              to the left and to the right of each <DT>  or  <DD>
              element.  (Numeric.)

       HR.marker = =
              Specifies  the  character  to  use  for  horizontal
              rules.  (String.)

       HR.{vspace.{before after} indent.{left right}} = 0
              Specifies how many blank lines are inserted  before
              and  after, and how many blank columns are inserted
              to the left and to  the  right  of  the  horizontal
              rule.  (Numeric.)

       {H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6}.prefix = {****** ***** **** *** ** *}
              Specifies how headings are decorated with a prefix.
              (The default values have  a  trailing  blank,  e.g.
              "****** ".)  (String.)

       {H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6}.suffix = {****** ***** **** *** ** *}
       {BLOCKQUOTE  ADDRESS}.{vspace.{before  after} indent.{left
       right}} = {0 0 5 5}
              Specifies  how many blank lines are inserted before
              and after, and how many blank columns are  inserted
              to  the  left  and  to  the  right  of these items.

       TABLE.vspace.{before after} = 0
              Specifies how many blank lines are inserted  before
              and after tables.  (Numeric.)

       {H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6}.attributes = BOLD
              Specifies  the  cell  attributes  for headings. The
              value is a sequence of NONE,  BOLD,  UNDERLINE  and
              STRIKETHROUGH.  (Option.)

       = NONE
              Specifies the cell attributes for these text items.
              Legal  values  are:  NONE,   BOLD,   UNDERLINE   or
              STRIKETHROUGH.  (Option.)

       U.attributes = UNDERLINE
              Same for <U> elements, but with a different default
              value.  (Option.)

       {B EM STRONG}.attributes = BOLD
              Same for  these  elements,  but  with  a  different
              default value.  (Option.)

       STRIKE.attributes = STRIKETHROUGH
              Same  for  <STRIKE>  elements, but with a different
              default value.  (Option.)

       A.attributes.{internal_link external_link} = UNDERLINE
              Specifies the cell attributes for links. A link  is
              an  <A>  elemet  that  has  an "HREF" attribute. An
              internal link is  a  link  who's  "HREF"  attribute
              starts   with   a   hash   character   (e.g.    "<A
              href="#42">").  Legal values are again NONE,  BOLD,
              UNDERLINE and STRIKETHROUGH.  (Option.)

       IMG.replace.{all noalt} = unset
              Specifies the string used to replace all <IMG> ele­
              ments, or those without  an  "ALT"  attribute  set.

       IMG.alt.{prefix suffix} = {[ ]}
              Specifies  how the values (if any) of IMG elements'
              "ALT" attributes are marked.  (String.)


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