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       SGML  Extended  Facilities system conforming to Annex A of
       Internation Standard  ISO/IEC  10744  --  Hypermedia/Time-
       based Structuring Language.


       ospam [-CeghilprRvx] [-alinktype] [-Aarchitecture]
             [-bbctf] [-ccatalog_file] [-Ddirectory]
             [-ffile] [-mmarkup_option] [-oentity_name]
             [-wwarning_type] [sysid...]


       ospam  (OpenSP Add Markup) is an SGML markup stream editor
       implemented using the OpenSP parser. ospam parses the SGML
       document  contained  in  sysid  and copies to the standard
       output the portion of the document entity  containing  the
       document  instance, adding or changing markup as specified
       by the -m options. The -p option can be  used  to  include
       the  SGML  declaration  and  prolog  in the output. The -o
       option can be used to output other entities. The -x option
       can be used to expand entity references.

       The following options are available:

       -aname, --activate=name
              Make doctype or linktype name active.

       -Aarchitecture, --architecture=architecture
              Parse with respect to architecture architecture.

       -bbctf, --bctf=bctf
              Use bctf bctf for output.

       -csysid, --catalog=sysid
              Use the catalog entry file sysid.

       -C, --catalogs
              This has the same effect as in onsgmls(1).

       -Ddirectory, --directory=directory
              Search  directory  for  files  specified  in system
              identifiers. This has the same effect  as  in  ons­

              Hoist omitted tags out from the start  of  internal
              entities. If the text at the beginning of an inter­
              nal entity causes a tag to be implied, the tag will
              usually  be  treated  as  being  in  that  internal
              entity; this option will instead  cause  it  to  be
              treated  as being in the entity that referenced the
              internal entity. This option makes a difference  in
              conjunction with -momittag or -x -x.

       --help Display a help text and exit.

       -iname, --include=name
              This has the same effect as in onsgmls(1).

       -l, --lowercase
              Prefer lower-case. Added names that were subject to
              upper-case substitution will be converted to lower-

       -mmarkup_option, --markup-option=markup_option
              Change  the  markup  in the output according to the
              value of markup_option as follows:

              omittag Add tags that were  omitted  using  omitted
              tag   minimization.  End  tags  that  were  omitted
              because the element has a declared content of EMPTY
              or an explicit content reference will not be added.

              shortref Replace short references by  named  entity

              net Change null end-tags into unminimized end-tags,
              and change net-enabling start-tags into unminimized

              emptytag Change empty tags into unminimized tags.

              unclosed  Change  unclosed  tags  into  unminimized

              attname Add omitted attribute names and vis.

              attvalue  Add  literal  delimiters   omitted   from
              attribute values.

              attspec Add omitted attribute specifications.

              current  Add  omitted  attribute specifications for
              by its marked section. In  the  document  instance,
              empty  comments  will  be added before or after the
              marked section declaration to ensure  that  ignored
              record ends remain ignored.

              Multiple -m options are allowed.

       -n, --error-numbers
              Show error numbers in error messages.

       -oname, --output-entity=name
              Output the general entity name instead of the docu­
              ment entity. The  output  will  correspond  to  the
              first  time  that  the entity is referenced in con­

       -p, --output-prolog
              Output the part of the document  entity  containing
              the  SGML declaration (if it was explicitly present
              in the document entity) and the prolog before  any­
              thing else. If this option is specified two or more
              times, then all entity references occurring between
              declarations  in  the prolog will be expanded; this
              includes the implicit reference to the entity  con­
              taining the external subset of the DTD, if there is
              one. Note that the SGML  declaration  will  not  be
              included  if  it was specified by an SGMLDECL entry
              in a catalog.

       -r, --raw
              Don't perform any conversion on RSs  and  REs  when
              outputting  the  entity. The entity would typically
              have the storage manager attribute records=asis.

       -R, --restricted
              This as the same effect as in onsgmls(1)

       -v, --version
              Print the version number.

       -wtype, --warning=type
              Control warnings and errors according to type. This
              has the same effect as in onsgmls(1).

       Incorrect results may be produced if  a  variant  concrete
       syntax  is used which is such that there are delimiters in
       markup to be added that have a prefix  that  is  a  proper
       suffix of some other delimiter.

       If an entity reference in a default value uses the default
       entity and  an  entity  with  that  name  is  subsequently
       defined  and  that  default value is added to the document
       instance, then the resulting document may not  be  equiva­
       lent  to  the original document. ospam will give a warning
       when the first two conditions are met.


       onsgmls(1), ospent(1), onsgmlnorm(1), osx(1)


       James Clark, Ian Castle <ian.castle@openjade.org>.

OpenJade                  November 2002                  OSPAM(1)

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