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       isdnrate -bbest -dday -ffrom -hhour -llen  -o  -pprovs  -s
       -ttakt  -vverbose  -xexclude    -C  -Ddet  -Gdata -H -L -N
       -Osocketfile -Ppiddir  -Ssort -T -U -V -Xexplain -Z NUMBER

       All options are optional.


       The  isdnrate  program  prints  various  information  from
       rate-files(5). It's main purpose  is  the  calculation  of
       telefon  rates from your location to an arbitrary destina­
       tion at a certain time and of a certain length for all the
       providers in a rate-file.

       A telefon number may be

              1234 a local area number

              01234 a different area in your country

              +12345 a foreign country

              China text for a foreign country

              Paris a town

              US a code as defined in country.dat.

              Internet  a  Service  name  (if  option  -s is also

       Note that currently only city names in AT, DE, NL are sup­
       ported plus some international capitals.
       Note  also,  spaces  in  country-  or service names may be
       given as underscores.

       -bbest Print only best providers. Default is all.

       -dday Calc rates for day. day can be one of

              dd day of current month
              dd.mm day month
              dd.mm.yy[yy] day, month, year
              W Weekday
              N Weekday - night
              E Weekend

       tions, or B for business providers.

       -s  Consider NUMBER as the name of a service and print all
       numbers / providers, which supply this service.

       -ttakt  Print  only  providers,  which  have   calculation
       impulses smaller or equal to takt.  Default is 9999.

       -vverbose Set verbose level.

       -x provider[,provider...]  Exclude these provider(s).

       -C  Connect to a running isdnrate daemon. This avoids long
       startup times.

       -D Start as a  daemon,  waiting  for  connections  from  a
       client. The socket /tmp/isdnrate is created, which clients
       can connect to.

       -D2 Start as a daemon and go background.

       -CD3 Stop a running daemon.

       -Gn Print raw data for  connection.  n  may  be  currently

       -H Print a header.

       -L Print a semicolon separated list of

              vbn ; providername ; zone ; day ; time ; currency ;
              charge ; basicprice ; price ; duration ; charge/min
              ; takt ; minimum price

       -N  Show  info  about following numbers. If no provider is
       given, the preselected provider is used.

       -Osocketfile Write socket to given filename  on  start  of
       daemon. Default is tmp/isdnrate.

       -Ppiddir  Write own PID to piddir/isdnrate.pid on start of

       -Ssort Sort output by sort, which may be

              v vbn or n provider name. Default is by charge.

       -T Print a table of charges for daytimes  weekday/weekend.

       -V Print version info and exit.
       -Z Print info for LCR
       e.g. isdnrate -p1 -ZX 19430
       shows  the  rate  for  provider 1 and the cheapest rate to
       this service.

       Note: Various output options may not be used together.  If
       you gave conflicting options you'll see a warning.
       Note  also: Sort by name or providernumber and -bbest will
       bring you the first best providers in sorting  order,  not
       the cheapest.
       And  finally:  Some  options like -X50, -X51, -X52, -D, -V
       don't require a telefon NUMBER.


       rate-CC.dat, holiday-CC.dat, dest.gdbm,  zone-CC-PPP.gdbm,
       isdn.conf, telrate.cgi and more.
       Note:  The  extension of zone- and dest data files depends
       on configuration.  Recently .cdb is used.


       isdnrate -D2
       Start the isdnrate daemon.

       isdnrate -D2 -P /var/run -O /tmp/isdnr_socket
       Start the isdnrate daemon, write isdnrate.pid to  /var/run
       and create thew given socket.

       isdnrate -CH -b5 -f01 -l120 Attersee
       Connect  to  running daemon, print a header and the best 5
       rates from Vienna (01) to destination Attersee for a  con­
       nection length of 2 Minutes.

       isdnrate -CX -p1_2,24 +1
       Show rates and zones for destination USA for providers 1_2
       and 24.

       isdnrate -CX -H -dW -b5 US CA
       Show a header, rates and zones for  destinations  USA  and
       Canada for best 5 providers during workday.

       isdnrate -CHoX US
       Show  header, rate and zone for destination USA for booked
       providers only.

       isdnrate -CsX -l60 Internet
       Show rates and numbers for service Internet for a  1  min­
       utes call.

       isdnrate -CZ 19430
       Show  rates  and the best provider for this (service-)num­
       daemon terminates. if this happens ('socket in use'), do a
       rm /tmp/isdnrate and try again.


       Andreas Kool <akool@isdn4linux.de> started  this  program.
       Leopold  Toetsch  <lt@toetsch.at>  continued  the work and
       brought  this   man   page   to   you.   Michael   Reinelt
       <reinelt@eunet.at>  did the calculation engine and various
       tools for it.

-lt-                        2000/09/01                ISDNRATE(1)



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