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Current HOWTO: Infrared-HOWTO

Revision History

Appendix B. Revision History

  • v0.1 to v0.4a, 19 March 1998 to 4 August 1998, drafts, not included in the LDP

  • v1.0, 14 August 1998, release to the LDP

  • v1.1, 18 August 1998, added info about IrCOMM patch by Takahide Higuchi, minor changes

  • v1.2, 24 August 1998, updated to linux-irda-1998-08-20 snapshot, added FIR section and revision history, minor changes

  • v1.3, 27 September 1998, added sections about multiple instances, cellular phones, digital cameras,Linux to Linux connection, the cutting edge - CVS, power saving; some changes in general configuration section, changes in hardware survey section, minor changes

  • v1.4, 11 October 1998, better description of IrCOMM support, changes in dongle connection section, changes in Palm III section, minor changes

  • v1.5, 12 October 1998, minor changes

  • v1.6, 26 October 1998, section about IrManager added, updated to the linux-irda-1998-10-21 snapshot, changed dongle connection section, minor changes

  • v1.7, 1 November 1998, added remote control section, changed dongle connection section, minor changes

  • v2.0, 9 January 1999, nearly complete rewrite and rearrangement according to the new structure of Linux/IR which is included into the kernel since 2.1.131, added info about BIOS support into dongle connection section, configuration tool section and CVS section removed

  • v2.1, 13 January 1999, minor changes

  • v2.2, 26 January 1999, project name changed from Linux/IR to Linux/IrDA, extended the Troubleshooting chapter, changed the order of the Known Bugs chapter after the Troubleshooting chapter, removed some lint

  • v2.3, 4 February 1999, added chapter about Eye Safety written by Andreas Butz; spell checking, reworking of Kernel Parameters chapter and additional information by Andreas Butz; minor changes

  • v2.4, 9 February 1999, changed information about applying a patch file

  • v2.5, 12 March 1999; new URL for Linux/IrDA; added chapters about Big Endian support, irdaping, irdadump and Beyond IrDA - Extending Transmission Distance; chapter Obtaining Information about the Infrared Port in Laptops improved; added many information provided by Fons Botman to Windows chapter; added SMP chapter; information about Ericsson SH888 added; removed obsolete FAQs; minor changes

  • v2.6, 6 April 1999, added chapters Connection to Docking Station, Connection to Keyboard and Connection via Serial Cable, minor changes

  • v2.7, 11 June 1999 started chapter Upcoming Standards (Bluetooth and IrDA), added annotations about CORBA to GUI chapter, minor information about Nokia cellular phones added, added appendix Serial Infrared Port Sniffer, started IrDA Network Neighborhood section, started Connection to Psion 5 chapter and appendix C, minor additions to LIRC chapter, minor changes

  • v2.8, 20 September 1999, added LiRC mailing list, changed <htmlurl ... > tag to <url ...>, changed format of conf.modules entries, addition to hardware detection (PCMCIA), added IrDA mailing list, changed address of Linux-IrDA mailing list, minor additions to multiple instances section, added URL of French translation, added new sersniff to Appendix B, added section about precompiled packages, added Palm III Connection to Thinkpad 600 chapter, minor changes

  • v2.9, 21 September 1999, changes in Printer Connection chapter, spellchecking, added connection to Siemens S25, minor changes

  • v2.10, 2 November 1999, minor changes

  • v2.11, 9 March 2000, added links to the 'irctl' and 'IRManager' infrared control programs, new base URL of the document, new chapter Connecting from Linux to WinCE courtesy from Arthur Tyde and Bryan Abshier of Linuxcare Inc., link to IrDA-Java interface added, link to HOWTO about Toshiba and IrDA added courtesy from Guenther Wieser, more information about a connection to S25 courtesy by Timo Felbinger, links to AT commands for cellular phones added, new chapter Code History, link to SH888 phone book tool, a short survey of IrDA protocols courtesy from Lichen Wang, minor changes

  • v3.0, 5 November 2000, format changed to DocBook , license changed to GNU Free Documentation License - GFDL, title changed from IR-HOWTO to Infrared-HOWTO, new document URL, links to Linux/IrDA updated

  • v3.1, 8 November 2000, links updated, changed to DocBook 3.1

  • v3.2, 21 March 2001, obsolete references to irmanager, /dev/irnine and wrong device numbers removed, changes according to kernel 2.4.x applied, extensive proof-reading and testing, new links to e-Squirt added, new chapter about module options, new chapter about null modem connection, sections reordered and cleaned up, other links updated

  • v3.3, 22 April 2001, included docs from 2.4.3 kernel, removed references to obsolete stuff, minor changes

  • v3.4, 04 September 2002, improved the Linux PDA chapter with information about PPP, OpenOBEX, printing and more, worked the new syntax for -s option of irattach into the appropriate sections, reworked and improved the IrDA and USB chapter, reworked printing stuff, removed obsolete hints to irlpt_server and IrLPT, described how to use the Common Unix Printing System - CUPS, added the new irda-users mailing list address as well as of the new archive, added links to Gnome IrDA applet and Beamster GTK/Python into the new GUI section, added link to Japanese translation, added information about some LIRC programs (IR Chooser, IControl, jlirc), changed all references to URLs into hyperlinks, changed all @s in mail addresses to _at_ to help prevent spam (at least a little), URL corrections (LDP, ..), minor changes

  • v3.5a, 29 March 2003, added new dongles to /etc/modules.conf, added link to IrCOMM2k, added links to LIRC progs (lircemu, tonto), added some more infos about OBEX, removed a misleading reference to setserial, removed obsolete IrLAN stuff (irlan_client, irlan_server modules), added warning about IrLAN currently unmaintainded, corrected wrong issue date of v3.4, changed all URLs from mobilix.org to tuxmobil.org and other URL corrections, converted whole document to XML 4.1.2 (all tags are now lowercase, some closing tags added), rearranged the order of some chapters (SIR, FIR, dongles), chapter about cell phone connection rewritten (added link to scmxx, added generic instructions, thanks to Matthias Schmidt), added chapter about connections to PocketPC (thanks to Stanislav Sokolov), minor changes

  • v3.6, 15 June 2003, abstract mentions PDAs, minor changes

  • v3.7, 08 October 2005, A technical and a language review have been achieved by Sebastian Henschel. Numerous bugs have been fixed and many URLs have been updated. Some obsolete stuff has been removed. Some documentation about Linux/IrDA with kernel 2.6 has been added (but there is still work to do).

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